Green Roads Weekend Warrior CBD Bundle

100 in stock


100 in stock

We all know the type, but we don’t always know what to gift them.

Their eye is on the clock at 4:54 p.m. every Friday, counting down the minutes until their next weekend adventure can begin. Mountain bike, paddleboard, golf bag, circular saw… the equipment may change but the spirit is the same… these people WORK HARD AND PLAY AWESOME.

To help these women and men keep going and going and going, we’ve created the Weekend Warrior Bundle.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • 300mg Muscle and Joint Relief CreamSupport the Weekend Warrior in your life with Green Roads Muscle and Joint Relief Cream. With 300mg of CBD infused with cooling menthol, this topical may enhance their recuperation and relaxation routine.
  • 2 x 50mg Relax BearsOur on-the-go Relax Bear gummies are the most delicious and convenient way to get a daily serving of CBD. These mouthwatering sweet/sour CBD gummy bears offer fast support during hikes, between surf sessions, and so on.
  • Nylon DaypackYour Weekend Warrior could throw this lightweight nylon daypack on for a quick hike or kayak trip. The 210D Polyester material is super tough, super light, and a little water-resistant. It’s the perfect size for holding a water bottle and a stash of Green Roads CBD topicals and gummies. There’s a built-in slot for earphones, letting your warrior hear the epic soundtrack of their favorite tunes.
  • Very Kool Cooling TowelKeep your Weekend Warrior cool with this Very Kool cooling towel.
    1. The hyper-evaporative material retains water while staying dry. (Don’t ask us how, but it’s pretty awesome.)
    2. Your Weekend Warrior can dry off or dip this towel in water for a quick cool down while on the go.
  • Adhesive Bandage DispenserWhat Weekend Warrior hasn’t shown up to work on Monday with a skinned knee? This Adhesive Bandage dispenser holds five bandages which are perfect for when minor cuts and scrapes come up.


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