Difiori CBD Swiss Chocolates

    • Difiori 70% Decadent Dark CBD Chocolate


      Embrace your dark side and embark on a journey that will help you rediscover what chocolate truly means. Our 70% Dark CBD Chocolate offering hits the ‘sweet spot’ between the subtle bitterness of cocoa and the indulging taste of milk chocolate for a tinge that sweeps over the back of your palate and erupts at […]

    • Difiori CBD Swiss Chocolate 3 Pack


      Because you just can’t resist wanting to try all of three of our delectable Swiss chocolate bars! This pack is one of each of our bars including 70% dark organic Swiss chocolate, creamy organic Swiss milk chocolate and our smooth vegan coconut Swiss chocolate bar. Each bar contains 5 servings with a total of 100 […]

    • Difiori Creamy Swiss Milk CBD Chocolate


      Our signature confection provides you with an entirely new way to experience CBD edibles. Made with sustainably-grown, organic cocoa, our CBD Milk Chocolate blends the subtly bitterness of cocoa with the velvety, creamy flavor of Alpine Swiss milk. The trademarked Swiss processes behind it are a closely guarded secret but you won’t mind being kept […]

    • Difiori Sweet Swiss Coconut CBD Chocolate


      100% vegan-friendly and organic, our Vegan Coconut CBD chocolate blends the bitterness of cocoa with the sweetness of coconut sugar to create a rich, smooth flavor with the velvet texture of milk chocolate but without, well, the milk. We’ve teamed up with talented chocolate artisans and one of the only a handful of plantations, privy […]

    At Difiori, we aspired to make more than just delicious CBD chocolate. We took our time, scouring the globe for talented artisans and creative pioneers who shared our vision and could turn it into reality.

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