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Chong's Choice

    About Chong’s Choice

    Tommy Chong is a well-known name in the weed industry. And if you know weed, you might have heard of him before hopping on to this page. If this is not the case, you might be familiar with him as a comedian. Tommy is one of the pioneers of cannabis activists and has come a long way in the industry.

    Anyways, just like most other public icons, he launched his array of CBD products. Where the industry is exploding every day, and innovations are breaking the previous records, Chong’s Choice has its place in the market. That’s all because of the high-quality Chong’s Choice strain of hemp.

    The company “Chong’s Choice” was launched with the co-founder Paris (Chong’s son) back in 2015. Chong’s Choice is one of the most popular and leading marijuana companies, and it operates in America. Since Tommy was already famous in the cannabis industry, so his products had to be sold like hotcakes.

    The product line includes flowers that come in jars, vaporizers, pre-rolls, vape cartridge, and edibles. The products are offered in three strains types: Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid. Moreover, products are used for both medicinal and recreational purposes.

    Chong’s Choice CBD Products

    Chong’s Choice offers a wide range of CBD products, and if you plan to consume them, you’ll get one of the finest cannabis and a strong Chong’s Choice strain of hemp that is grown locally, picked by hands, and most importantly, lab- tested and certified. They use the CO2 extraction method to extract only high THC without compromising on the flavors that you want.

    Chong’s Choice CBD Gummies

    Chong’s Choice offers a broader product selection than just gummies, including vape pens and oils, but the gummies are the most popular, particularly, the gummy bears.

    The gummies come in two forms, gummy bears and watermelons. There are usually 35 pieces in a container, although that can move around by one or two. The most popular are 500 milligrams gummies.

    As we mentioned earlier, there are 35 gummies per bottle, and the most popular is the 500 milligrams CBD. So, each gummy has about 15 milligrams of CBD.

    The most important thing when picking your CBD gums or any CBD product is to understand the source of the CBD. There is a lot of crap on the market today. But only very few products contain what they claim and many source CBD from China, which has different quality content and could even contain harmful pesticides that are not what you’re going to find with Chong’s Choice strain of CBD gummies.

    These gummies are made from 100% US dust real hemp, which means the input material is farmed to high standards. They extract CBD using supercritical Co2, which means there are no dangerous hydrocarbons in your product.

    Most importantly, they certify the CBD quality by third-party sources while you’re left with is high-quality 100% organic CBD gummies. All terpenes ottomans are natural, so you know what you’re getting. Because the CBD is made from pure industrial hemp, it means that it’s legal in all 50 states.

    Chong’s Choice Flower Jar

    Chong’s Choice is famous for selling delicious flower buds. Eight different flower buds are sold in attractive and reuseable glass containers separately. However, there is no official information about Chong’s Choice strains that are used in their Sativa, Indica, and hybrid offerings.

    The buds are great, and they come trimmed and dried for maximum performance. They come in different strains from different suppliers of different areas and delivered in six states of America at the local dispensaries.

    Chong’s Choice Pre Roll Joints

    Each pre-roll contains 0.75 grams of cannabis and comes packed in an airtight and sealed tube to secure the freshness and quality of the Chong’s Choice strain. They are normally sold in the form of a package containing five joints each. 

    The finest grown and handpicked stuff is high in THC and have potent effects.

    Chong’s Choice Vaporizer Cartridges

    Chong’s Choice vaporizer cartridges contain half a gram of solvent-free oil in them, and just like Chong’s other product come in a variety of Sativa, Indica, and hybrid.

    They come with the same quality assurance as to the brand’s other product. 

    Chong’s Choice THC Breath Strips

    Breath Strip is a bit innovative product because it’s consumed through the breath. You put the strip in the month and wait for the mucous membrane to absorb the THC. Each strip has 40mg of cannabis. Moreover, they are small in size and easy to consume.

    Infused Chocolate Bars

    Chong’s Choice offers five different chocolate bars as follows:

    • Cereal Bowls (white chocolate, cinnamon, marshmallow cereal)
    • Crunch Muniches (milk chocolate, caramel, potato chips)
    • Dark Daze (dark chocolate)
    • Mellow Milk (milk chocolate)
    • Wake N Bacon (wafer dark chocolate, bacon, maple syrup)

    Chong’s Choice Other products are

    • Herbalizer
    • TC – 3 and TC – 1 Vaporizer
    • Compact Herb Grinder

    Buy your favorite product and enjoy it.

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