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    CBDistillery is a brand known for making safe, reliable, and affordable CBD products as their main motto is to keep the price reasonable without compromising on the quality of the products. So, the people of all income can benefit from the CBD.

    Most high quality and branded CBD products indeed cost much more than conventional pharmacy drugs; however, they are reasonable because their manufacturing isn’t cheap.

    But, some companies manipulate and charge more than the original prices.

    So, here comes CBD Distillery because of its reasonable price tags. Though they are not the cheapest brand, they have the right balance of quality and price. They also work to spread awareness about CBD’s real health benefits among ordinary people.

    The CBD Distillery was started back in 2016 by Colorado natives with the aim to provide CBD products to all income level people in the US. Moreover, they have been working on research and educating people about CBD as well since day one.

    The CBDistillery follows the strict guidelines in making products, and every product is tested to ensure it meets all the standards and is safe to use. All their products are made free of pesticides and are non-GMO. 

    They use naturally grown hemp in their products. The hemp extract used in their products contains only 0.3% THC. They usually use stems and stalk to extract hemp, which contains multiple cannabinoids.

    Let’s look at some of the CBD products offered by CBDistillery.

    CBDistillery CBD Oil

    CBDistillery makes standard full-spectrum CBD oil that is placed under the tongue. Being full-spectrum, they use whole hemp extract, not just CBD. So, in addition to the CBD, the oil also contains terpenes, flavonoids, and other non-psychoactive cannabinoids. Moreover, they may contain 0.3% THC or less.

    They come in two different sizes 15ml, and 30ml having different potencies starting from 150mg and goes up to 5000mg. These oils can be incorporated into your daily life for pain relief, relaxing, and pleasant effects. They are usually used under your tongue or can be used in combination with your beverages.

    These oils are a good option for beginners who want to test CBD and how it can help them.

    CBDistillery Gummies

    Among other CBD products, CBD Distillery also makes gummies and has maintained a good reputation for this product category too.

    Just like other products, their gummies are also tested by independent third-parties. They make their gummies from non-GMO, and organically grown hemp and all the gummies contain 30mg of CBD and no THC. 

    They offer Night Time CBD gummies for better sleep at night, having 2mg of melatonin. Their all CBD gummies contain cane juice and white grape concentrate.

    CBDistillery Vape Pen

    When it comes to pre-filled vape pens, CBDistillery has a nice collection of vape options with many flavors. In addition to their vape pens, they also offer CBD oil vape cartridge and bottles of CBD vape juice. However, vape pens are the most convenient options. You can throw them away when they run out without worrying about refilling them or charging batteries.

    CBD Distillery has five flavor options in their vape pen collection, including Grape, Lavender, Vanilla, Strawberry Lemonade, Grand Daddy Purp, and one natural flavor. They also offer packs for trying out more than one flavor at a time.

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