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CBD Living

    CBD Living

    CBD Living was established back in 2013, and the headquarter is in Corona, California. They have their stores all over the world and cover a large market of customers for their products. All their products are manufactured in Corona.

    According to the company, they use nano-technology for manufacturing. This technology breaks the CBD molecules into nano-sized particles. This enables CBD to be absorbed into the body quickly and hence better outcomes. It also increases the bioavailability of the CBD up to 90% and delivers the CBD directly to the CB1 and CB2 receptors.

    The CBD Living had had realized that companies weren’t providing what they were claiming for and not have enough expertise. So, they decided to jump into the market and become a quality CBD provider in the world.

    CBD Living offers an array of CBD products for different needs and lifestyles. They offer from CBD infused water to creams, capsules, soaps, patches, gummies, bath bombs and much more. Their sophisticated and scientific proved CBD products deliver the maximum benefits to their users.

    CBD Living Water

    CBD Living’s water is famous among CBD living customers. This CBD water is a great option for overall health and hydration. This nano-technology CBD water is easy to add to your daily dose of CBD.

    Just like other CBD living products, nano-sized CBD particles are infused to make this water. It is a great source to stay hydrated especially in hot summer days.

    The nanotechnology allows the CBD particles to penetrate into your body quickly and start working immediately.

    CBD Living Freeze

    These CBD living freezes are basically gel infused with broad-spectrum CBD and are used topically on inflamed and painful areas. The nano-technology used while making these freezes makes them get absorbed into the body quickly and doesn’t leave any residue. 

    CBD living freeze is 100% safe for external use only and less likely to cause an allergic reaction.

    The CBD used in CBD living freeze is extracted from organic hemp and doesn’t produce any effect of “high” because it’s non-psychoactive.

    It might be a great idea to add this to the first aid kit or gym bad to the workout enthusiasts.


    There are some directions to be followed for proper use.

    • Apply only 1-2 pumps on the affected area
    • Don’t use more than 3-4 times a day
    • Massaging on the skin isn’t necessary
    • Consult your doctor before using the product for children under the age of 2 years.
    • It has no serious side effects and is flexible to start and stop at any time. However, to get maximum results, daily use is recommended.


    • Broad-spectrum hemp extract
    • Aloe Vera extract
    • Natural menthol
    • Ilex leaf extract
    • Arnica montana extract
    • Isopropyl alcohol
    • Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E)
    • Tea tree oil

    This CBD living freeze comes in a rolling stick and creates a sensation of icing for better blood flow and aid in arthritis, back pain, sore muscles and joints. The rolling stick makes it easy to use and an individual can use it effortlessly on the affected areas.

    CBD Living Gummies

    Gummies are very popular in the world of CBD products. They come in different shapes, sizes and flavors. Following the trend, CBD living also has a dedicated product line of CBD gummies.

    CBD living gummies include natural and sour gummies, vegan gummies as well. They are sold both in bottles and bags. The flavors offered include Green Apple and Cherry, lime, pineapple, orange and lemon.

    These CBD Living gummies are the most convenient way to get your daily dose of CBD and takes all the guesswork away.

    The ingredients used in the CBD living gummies include broad-spectrum hemp extract, Sugar, gelatin, corn syrup, citric acid, carnauba wax, coconut oil, natural coloring and flavors.

    CBD Living Other Products

    • Oil Drops
    • Tea and coffee
    • Chocolates

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